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SAC - Software Audio Console

I currently consider Software Audio Console (SAC) to be an end of the road product at this point.  While SAC was a very innovative product when it was released it now has much competition in the form of low cost digital mixing consoles that have many of the features that SAC had when it was released but actually cost less once you price out all the components.  At the same time they offer far better user experiences with user interfaces that do not force the user to conform to the personal preferences of it's developer and learn many obscure mouse and keyboard commands and gestures in order to operate them.  Unfortunately the development of SAC seems to have all be ended, leaving most of it's user base wondering how much longer they will be able to operate the software they purchased.  As new versions of Windows are released there seems to be little work being done to keep the code up to date with a modern OS.  I suspect at some point SAC will simply not operate with the newest version of Windows at all or it will require so many work arounds as to make it impractical.  Lastly the main reason for my abandonment of SAC is that there is finally a software based competitor to SAC, in the form of AMP (Audio Mixing Platform).  AMP development is progressing along and I suspect it will be publicly released soon.  The developer of AMP actually wants input from users and to make it a better product.  It has a far better user interface than SAC ever has or likely ever will and it can be highly customized both in mixing architecture and user interface to the needs of the end user.  I am leaving the couple of documents I created for the use of SAC here on this page in the off chance that someone might wish to read or make use of them.  However I won't be spending any time updating them, so if there are changes made to SAC in the future realize that there is the small potential that some of this information could be out of date.

SAC Diagram - pdf file

Scenes/Using SAC for Musical Theatre Tutorial - pdf file

I highly recommend that you do yourself a favor and if you are interested in SAC, check out AMP instead.

My Personal AMP Page


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